Model 1011A TESTanDRAIN®
M1011A Item ID Orifice Size Size Connection
200A 3/8" Orifice 3/4" Thread X Thread
201A 7/16" Orifice
202A 1/2" Orifice
203A 17/32" Orifice
204A 5/8" ELO Orifice
210A 3/8" Orifice 1" Thread X Thread
211A 7/16" Orifice
212A 1/2" Orifice
213A 17/32" Orifice
214A 5/8" ELO Orifice
220A 3/8" Orifice 1 1/4" Thread X Thread
221A 7/16" Orifice
222A 1/2" Orifice
223A 17/32" Orifice
224A 5/8" ELO Orifice
225A 3/4" ESFR Orifice
230A 3/8" Orifice 1 1/2" Thread X Thread
231A 7/16" Orifice
232A 1/2" Orifice
233A 17/32" Orifice
234A 5/8" ELO Orifice
235A 3/4" ESFR Orifice
236A K25 Orifice
240A 3/8" Orifice 2" Thread X Thread
241A 7/16" Orifice
242A 1/2" Orifice
243A 17/32" Orifice
244A 5/8" ELO Orifice
245A 3/4" ESFR Orifice
246A K25 Orifice

Similar to the Model 1000, the Model 1011A TESTanDRAIN® is a 300 PSI rated single handle ball valve specifically designed to provide both the test function and the express drain function required for a wet fire sprinkler system and features a tamper resistant test orifice and integral tamper resistant sight glasses. The Model 1011A has the added feature of a Model 7000 Pressure Relief Valve with drainage piping. It is designed to relieve excess pressure caused by surges or temperature changes while solving the difficult problem of providing the relief valve with a drainage-piping outlet. The Model 1011A complies with the requirements of NFPA 13 which stipulate a pressure relief valve be installed on all gridded systems and downstream of all pressure reducing valves. Available in 3/4" through 2" sizes in both NPT and BSPT with all specifiable orifice sizes: 3/8" (2.8K), 7/16" (4.2K), 1/2" (5.6K), 17/32" (8.0K), 5/8" (11.2K, ELO), 3/4" (14.0K, ESFR), and K25.

Repair Kits are available for all TESTanDRAIN® valves. For more information, visit the "Support" page.

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