What are Auxiliary Drains?
Auxiliary drains are installed in dry sprinkler systems in order to collect moisture and provide a method for its removal that will minimize the potential for excessive loss of air pressure and a tripping of the dry valve (NFPA 13:*, A8.
Improve your building's appearance and meet NFPA Code.
Auxiliary Drains become eyesores when they are not maintained properly. Signage falls off, valves break and water stains walls, replacement valves don't match, paint chips, and metal oxidizes. Poorly maintained auxiliary drains make your building look bad and they lower occupants trust in the building's infrastructure.

Model 5300ALBV
Give your occupants a sense of security and your building a consistent, appealing appearance by upgrading to a COLLECTanDRAIN® Model 5300ALBV Auxiliary Drain. The Model 5300ALBV is a pre-assembled auxiliary drain designed to meet NFPA 13 and 25 guidelines addressing proper drainage while offering easy identification and a consistent appearance. It feature the Model 5100ALBV Water Detection Alarm that emits a local audible and visual alert when water is detected in the auxiliary drain and is equipped with remote Fire Control Panel and/or Building Management System notification capabilities. Locking Kit and 110 volt plug-in features optional.
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M5300ALBV Item ID Description
5300ALBV M5300ALBV Basic Auxiliary Drain with Water Detector
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