Model 5400A, 5400D, and 5400H COLLECTanDRAIN®

What are Auxiliary Drains?
Auxiliary drains are installed in dry sprinkler systems in order to collect moisture and provide a method for its removal that will minimize the potential for excessive loss of air pressure and a tripping of the dry valve (NFPA 13:*, A8.
Improve your building's appearance, meet NFPA Code, Pro-Actively Deter Vandalism, and Protect Against Auxiliary Drain Freeze-Ups.
Every year building owner's spend thousands of dollars from their operating budget replacing auxiliary drains that collect water, freeze, and break with auxiliary drains that freeze and break. Not Anymore! The COLLECTanDRAIN® Model 5400A features a heated cabinet so freeze-ups are a thing of the past. With proper attention you will never have to inconvience your tenants or pay to replace a broken auxiliary drain again.

Model 5400A
The COLLECTanDRAIN® Model 5400A goes beyond the prevention features of the Model 5100A and 5200A by providing a temperature controlled environment to deter system failures due to freezing condensation. The heated and insulated cabinet contains an auxiliary drain with a float switch to monitor condensation levels. When condensation reaches a level where maintenance is needed the float switch activates an audible alarm and an LED warning light. The Model 5400A also features Fire Control Panel notification capabilities.

Model 5400H
The COLLECTanDRAIN® Model 5400A is equipped with a door mounted thermometer that allows easy monitoring of internal cabinet temperatures. For application where an even higher level of monitoring is required the Model 5400H can be ordered with a Heater Operation Trouble (HOT) Monitor. The HOT Monitor tracks heater on an off cycles and compares that information against its electronic internal thermostat in order to determine if the heater is performing correctly. As an example: if the cabinet door is accidentally left open, causing the heater to run continuously, the HOT Monitor will trip the local audible alarm, the LED warning lights, and the fire control panel. The HOT Monitor would also go into trouble mode if temperatures in the cabinet begin to drop and the heater was not coming on to keep them safely above freezing.

Model 5400D
Originally requested to avoid an unnecessary visit from the Fire Department, the System Trouble Remote Dialer can be programmed to alert up to four installer-programmed telephone or pager numbers. Upon connection a 16 second installer-recorded message will repeat for one minute. Each number will be called twice and can contain up to 32 digits (including #, tones and pauses); if any number is busy it will be called a third time. The Dialer Enclosure meets NFPA 4, 4x, 12, and 13, and IP 66 ratings and is housed inside the standard Model 5400 COLLECTanDRAIN cabinet.
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M5400A Item ID Description
5400A M5400A Cabinet with Auxiliary Drain and Heater