Pressure Relief Valves

The Model 7000 and Model 7200 are UL Listed /FM Approved pressure relief valves specifically designed for fire sprinkler systems. Both models relieve excess system pressure caused by surges or temperature changes and comply with NFPA-13 requirements that stipulate a pressure relief valve be installed on all gridded systems and downstream of all pressure reducing valves. Both models feature a bronze body, stainless steel spring, and flushing handle to remove debris.

Model 7000
· 1/2" MIPT inlet and FIPT outlet
· Rated for installation in 175 PSI systems with other ratings available (165, 185, 195, 205, 225, and 250)

The Model 7000 can be purchased individually or as part of the 1011 Kit with all necessary drainage piping and connections for use with all TESTanDRAIN® valves. Pressure relief valves can be installed on an installed TESTanDRAIN® valve without removing the valve from the line or draining down the system. For more information, visit the "Support" page.

Model 7200
· 3/4" MIPT inlet and FIPT outlet
· Rated for installation in 175 PSI systems

The Model 7200 is specially designed to provide relief, test, and drain functions in a single valve and is used on the 1" Model 8011 Residential RiserPACK®.

NOTE: It is important to note that the pressure rating of the relief valve indicates an operating range of pressure for both opening and closing of the valve. Standard relief valves are required to OPEN in a range of pressure between 90% and 105% of their rating. The valves are required to CLOSE at a pressure above 80% of that rating.

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